Anja’s Painting

A long term client of mine of seven years (Shelly Rieger) asked me to do a commission painting of her amazing German Shorthaired Pointer (Anja).  What’s so great about this is that I know Anja so well it was just as fun for me to paint it as for Shelly to have received it.  I made a special delivery this evening for Shelly and Anja to see the final product.  As you see in the picture, Anja approved it!

Cannon Beach

I went to Cannon Beach this weekend with my friend Rita who I’ve walked her dogs for 6 years.  Bebe and Bella joined us and they tripled the fun!  Saturday was in the 70’s and Sunday morning we got beautiful overcast skies that makes the NW beaches what they are.  We had the best time and plan to go back.