Cat Love

My dear friend Marta has been the biggest cat lover I’ve ever known.  She has worked at the Animal Shelter for years and has rescued all of her cats.  I don’t know what it is about the cats she chooses but she always seems to bring home the ones that have more dog-like qualities.  I met Marta when I did my dog training apprenticeship in 2004; we’ve been close friends ever since.

I had the privilege to take some photos while I was hanging out with her this weekend.  I wanted to share with you true Cat Love.

Let it snow

When I stepped out this afternoon the dogs had a discussion without me.  Madison, Izzy, Otis and Tuga asked Asia “we are so happy with the love and care your mom gives; what is it that she loves?   We’d like to let her know we appreciate her.”  Asia paused and thought for a moment.  Asia said … “SNOW!  Lately I’ve seen mom at her happiest when we are playing in the snow and hiking around the mountains.”  I came home to what you see in the picture.  Snow in my house!  So sweet.