Ashes and Snow

This short film of impeccable imagery is transcending.  It showed me that there is no limit of what you can create or capture through a lens.  I wept as I watched.  I was overwhelmed at the beauty on my screen.  I want to share it with you, the world, anyone with a beating heart.  I am so grateful for Edd Cox (former oil painting teacher) for introducing Gregory Colbert’s work with me.  Gregory has a vision and travels all over the world to create these films and photographs.  He places himself in remote and dangerous areas to show the connection we have with nature and animals.  I’ve never seen anyone do it as well as he has.  If I were allowed only one art exhibit before I die, it would be his.

1 thought on “Ashes and Snow

  1. Wow. It hits you on such a deep level that, after it’s done, you don’t know what really hit you. I don’t know if it speaks to us of the way it could have been, or could be–on another plane? It got me to thinking of why we have pets, to try to make a bridge between our human, civilized world and that world of nature which is and remains untamable. Even though our pets are a far cry from wild, sitting on couches and cuddling with us, they are still a bridge between us and raw nature. They give us a chance to dance with lions and manatees. Thank you for posting it on my birthday.

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