Bloom of Color

As everyone else across the United States has been freezing their tails off, we in the Pacific Northwest have had it quite nice. I haven’t had to break out my Gore-Tex jacket once while walking the dogs, and my rain boots have been collecting dust. Since it’s been such a mild winter, the cherry blossoms, magnolia trees and all the other blooming plants are off to an early start. You can’t help but be inspired by all the beauty while driving around in any Seattle neighborhood.






Water Therapy for Dog

As dog owners, we’ve all been there: the day you notice your dog having a hard time getting out of bed, the day you notice her legs seem a little stiff that one morning walk.

I’d like to share a little bit about Bella and Bebe; two Border Collies that have been in the Dog Trots family for over a decade.  I’ve known Bebe (Red Border Collie) since shortly after my dear friend Rita adopted her.  I started taking Bella to the dog park nine years ago and she still joins us three times a week.  Rita treats her dogs like family because they are.  Since Bebe and Bella are getting up there in their years Rita has begun taking them to Aqua Dog Therapy with Gretchen Dietz ( I was invited to join them yesterday afternoon and watch them get massaged and swim their way into a more comfortable state.

Since Bebe has been going for the past year or more, I’ve seen major improvements in her mobility and behavior.  If you have a senior dog you want to give some kind of sweet relief, I would recommend giving water therapy a splash.


IMG_2142  IMG_2202