Creative Volcano

The creative bug is in full blown eruption throwing ash in all directions.  I picked up some slabs of recycled wood several years ago knowing that one day I would find the perfect idea to use it for.  Today is the day!  They laid in the garage feeling forgotten about but it was farthest from the truth.  I know exactly what I’m going to use it for.  These old pieces of wood will be beautiful again, twice used and pondered at.  They’re in the process of getting their makeover now.

Using my miter saw to cut the structure of the frame.

Placing the screws in the frame.

Nailing the frame to the recycled wood.

A sturdy plank ready to be used for something beautiful, stay tuned!

Anja’s Painting

A long term client of mine of seven years (Shelly Rieger) asked me to do a commission painting of her amazing German Shorthaired Pointer (Anja).  What’s so great about this is that I know Anja so well it was just as fun for me to paint it as for Shelly to have received it.  I made a special delivery this evening for Shelly and Anja to see the final product.  As you see in the picture, Anja approved it!