Literally going to The Dogs

I’ve been wanting to go the the Virgin Islands ever since my best friend (Anna Schmidt, who is still my best friend) handed over with tan hands a postcard of St. Thomas.  We were only 19 years old at the time.  She and her father had just gotten back from there.  I’ll never forget sitting on her bed (in our college town of Stillwater, Ok) as I held the image of the Islands pristine waters in my hands.  I knew then, at that moment that I would be there one day.  The time is now.

I leave this weekend upon an adventure that I have dreamed of doing for 20 years now.  I will be sailing to the remote Islands of The Dogs.  The Dog Islands are considered the northern gateway to the Virgin’s Gangway or Sir Francis Drake Channel. Managed by the BVI National Park Trust, they consist of the three Seal Dogs, George Dog, West Dog, Great Dog and, of course, little Cockroach Island should be considered a Dog Island also.  I thought these Islands were well suited for me.


Washington Coast

Sometimes you don’t luck out with the weather living in Washington State.  Yesterdays weather was a dream come true to spend a winter’s day on the coast.  I did just fine wearing only a vest.  Today…not so much.  Gore-tex was essential at Ocean Shores today.  This is the first time I opened the door to my truck and Asia wasn’t eager to get out due to the wind and rain.

Olympic National Park


Olympic National Park

Discovering Washington keeps getting better! Asia and I took a road trip this weekend to our very own Olympic National park. We saw and touched the largest Spruce tree in the world, climbed one heck of a huge Cedar tree and hung out all afternoon at Ruby beach until sunset. For lunch we had a picnic at Lake Quinaunt, so beautiful!