Ashes and Snow

This short film of impeccable imagery is transcending.  It showed me that there is no limit of what you can create or capture through a lens.  I wept as I watched.  I was overwhelmed at the beauty on my screen.  I want to share it with you, the world, anyone with a beating heart.  I am so grateful for Edd Cox (former oil painting teacher) for introducing Gregory Colbert’s work with me.  Gregory has a vision and travels all over the world to create these films and photographs.  He places himself in remote and dangerous areas to show the connection we have with nature and animals.  I’ve never seen anyone do it as well as he has.  If I were allowed only one art exhibit before I die, it would be his.

Welcome to the DT blog!

Hey Dog Lovers,

I am thrilled to have a fresh new site, and a blog to keep all of you Dog Trots fans posted on the latest activities.  Huge thanks to Erin Strange (web designer) who made building and creating the new site a ton of fun and she also gets credit for most of the photos on the site as well.

Check back weekly for new posts.  I think I’m really going to have a good time with this.  Yippie dog!