Monday’s aren’t so bad



Monday’s are like Friday’s here at Dog Trots. Every day is full of canine smiles and the sound of four running paws hitting the earth. Maybe it’s just the relationship that Kemper and I have together, but I can’t help but to feel like all is right-in-the-world, at this moment, when I’m greeted like this.

New addition-Charlie

An old friend of mine moved back from New York and brought along Charlie!  Charlie is the latest addition to the Dog Trots’ off-leash pack.  I knew from the first day he joined us he had already experienced the “dog walking” life style since he is so well socialized and blended in like he had been with us for years.  Charlie is big into the ball and is sly like a fox.  Welcome Charlie to the group!



I started walking and training Jessie when he was just a pup.  We took a break for a while but now he’s back!  He is such a well behaved dog.  All that training really shows with him.


How can you resist a face like this?!  Fransic is a Frenchie/Pug mix and just joined the group a couple of months ago.  She is really loving all her new friends and getting out in the middle of her day.


It’s always a party with Reno!  Reno is a bouncy Yellow Lab that just loves being in the outdoors.  He is happy-go-lucky and brings a smile to anyone’s face.

Parker is here

Who said Dog Trots doesn’t have any Pug’s in the group?  Not true… Parker has been romping at Westcrest with us for a couple of months now and he takes full advantage of his free time.  I haven’t seen a dog love his freedom like the way Parker does.  Welcome Parker, you are truly like one of the BiG dogs.