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We read that Sports Illustrated featured its very first plus-size model (that’s normal size in our eyes) in the Swimsuit issue this year; Asia would like to audition to be their very first dog model for next year.

I mean, really, how can they forget man’s best friend. (All those neck-lengthening tips from Tyra Banks really paid off).

The BIG Island

 The Big Island is my fourth of the Hawaiian Islands I’ve been fortunate to explore.  This time, I’ll let the images do the talking.
IMG_7086 IMG_0368 IMG_7330 DCIM103GOPRO DCIM101GOPRODCIM100GOPROMauna Kea the best astrological observatory in the world.IMG_8020Ka’au crater Trail

IMG_0936IMG_7896IMG_1360Mr. Volcano blowing off some steamIMG_1377Mauna Kea Summit Sunset 13, 796 ft.IMG_8157IMG_1749IMG_8474IMG_8018Being sand blasted by Green sand.
DCIM100GOPROGreen Beach

The Baths

I want everyone to go here.  I wish everyone to experience this beach, this natural beauty of a place on earth.  “The Baths” is what it’s called on the British Island of Virgin Gorda.  This Island is the third largest of the Virgin Islands.

An unusual geologic formation on a beach is unexpected.  I was so in awe of this place that I had to spend a second day here.  Volcanic origins, as huge granite boulders lie in piles on the beach, forming scenic grottoes that are open to the sea.  You get it all here; caves, turquoise water, granite rocks, snorkel heaven, and a private beach that you can practically have to yourself if you work your way through the caves.  It’s called the Devils Bay.  It was my bay for the day.IMG_0683