Anja’s Painting

A long term client of mine of seven years (Shelly Rieger) asked me to do a commission painting of her amazing German Shorthaired Pointer (Anja).  What’s so great about this is that I know Anja so well it was just as fun for me to paint it as for Shelly to have received it.  I made a special delivery this evening for Shelly and Anja to see the final product.  As you see in the picture, Anja approved it!

Baring Canines

I just spent my afternoon “up close and personal” with Lola (daycare dog) and  my dog Asia.  Watching both of them wrestle is fascinating!  They both have the best appropriate play behavior.  The pictures look like they’re fighting but it’s all in play, not a growl or peep out of their canine baring mouths.  They really love each other and I am thrilled to have captured this photo.