Largest Spruce Tree in the world



This was actually my second time here. I attended an annual pig roast right by Lake Quinault and couldn’t miss visiting the largest Spruce tree in the world. This tree is right in the Olympic National Park with a circumference of 59 ft., diameter of 18 ft. 9 inches, and it stands at 191 feet tall. Wow, it’s massive and I’m proud to have it in my home state of Washington.

Work it!



We read that Sports Illustrated featured its very first plus-size model (that’s normal size in our eyes) in the Swimsuit issue this year; Asia would like to audition to be their very first dog model for next year.

I mean, really, how can they forget man’s best friend. (All those neck-lengthening tips from Tyra Banks really paid off).

not your typical beach


I like that my birthday is in the Fall and that a dramatic Oregon beach is just a short drive down Hwy. 101. Coastal weather in November can bring muted sunsets where you can’t tell the difference between the sky and the water. At night, you can feel the strength of the oceans power purely by the sound alone. It was exactly what I wanted.


IMG_2190  DSC06853  DSC06367  DSC06608  DSC06254

WP_20131116_025   DSC05601

Head first

IMG_6944I spent my weekend at a small Washington lake that I had never heard of before.  It was a perfect opportunity to see if Asia would have the courage to fetch for the ball off the dock.  As you can see from the photo, it wasn’t graceful and half way in I’m pretty sure she wanted to turn back around.  She didn’t exactly jump but slipped in head first and was completely submerged.  Her head popped right up, she shook her ears then went straight for the ball.  That’s my girl!


My girl POLO- RIP

POLO November 24, 1993 – September 14, 2010

My canine girl of 16 years is now nesting on clouds and running through miles of grassy fields. Polo roamed the plains of Oklahoma, traveled across the country from Florida beaches to the grand Northwest. She was Vice President of Dog Trots for 10 years, and lived a dogs dream of a life. Polo was two months shy of turning 17 and has inspired my life that is apparent in my work, my art, and how I love and view any canine that crosses my path. She was and will always be my muse. Thank you all who have shared a part of her life. She is missed beyond words and walks by my side in spirit.