Parker is here

Who said Dog Trots doesn’t have any Pug’s in the group?  Not true… Parker has been romping at Westcrest with us for a couple of months now and he takes full advantage of his free time.  I haven’t seen a dog love his freedom like the way Parker does.  Welcome Parker, you are truly like one of the BiG dogs.

Dog Park heaven

We have been loving the sunshine and warmth this winter.   A winter in Seattle with less than a hand full of inches of rain is close to perfect weather for a dog walker and her pack of dogs.  Enjoy viewing a glimpse of how much fun we have through these pictures.

Westcrest off-leash dog park make over

Westcrest Off-leash dog park

Westcrest Off-leash dog park

What good is an off-leash dog park if you can’t get to it?  West Seattle dog owners were worried that people with disabilities couldn’t enjoy the Westcrest Dog Park.  So volunteers got together this week and made improvements – so everyone could come out.